SEASON 20 | MAY 2008

Hip Hop Theatre Explosion

presented by the VORTEX and Uprise! Productions


3rd installment of the Hip-Hop Theater Explosion, an amalgamation of word slingers, dancers, mc’s, and musicians who come to save Hip-hop from the clutches of misogyny, material products, homophobia, and just plain wack lyrical content. Hosted by one of the premier hip-hop theater artists in America, Zell Miller, III. Featuring AD the wanted man, Black Listed Individuals, Public Offenders, members of the under 21 slam team, members of the Austin Ego’s slam team, members of the Cipher Hip-Hop Project, Mike Henry, Sean Tate, members of Uprise! Productions, members of Neo-Soldiers, DJ "the king of Crump", dance crew Street Stunners, dance crew Xplizit, SaulPaul, stage combat by Cry Havoc, and a very special return performance of Xenogia Spoken Word Collective featuring Enrique Cabera, Love Robinson, Chris Lee and DaShade Moonbeam, music by the one and only DJ S.T.A.T.I.K