MANSON | family valUeS

MANSON | family valUeS

SEASON 18 | JUNE 2006

Manson | family valUeS

Presented by LIDA Project
in conjunction with the VORTEX


Based on the lives of the young family of followers whose paths were forever altered under the watchful gaze of their messiah, Charles Manson. This is a small, twisted peek into the events leading up to and following the ritual murders of actress Sharon Tate and six others during the summer of 1969. Created in the unique style of The LIDA Project, MANSON | family valUeS offers a bizarre and wickedly eerie journey into the cult that changed our definition of evil forever and spawned America’s first pop-culture media villain. Originally created and produced by LIDA and built from actual events, interviews and transcripts, this compelling, fresh work was one of the most talked about theatre events of the 2003 season.

This production run, Directed by Robin Davies and Brian Freeland, marks the debut of LIDA's unique theatrical brand of media-infused, devised storytelling in Austin.


Founded in 1995, The LIDA Project is a multi-media art collective with a strong emphasis on live performance. The mission of the company is to present works that experiment and challenge the structure and presentation of performance while strengthening culture, community, and artistic growth. Working as a collaborative group of artists The LIDA Project promotes and presents works of the highest integrity and expressiveness without yielding to conventional presentation and stereotypes.