Kimberley Mead. Photo by Tony Spielberg.

Kimberley Mead. Photo by Tony Spielberg.


Dark Goddess '06

Conceived and Directed by Bonnie Cullum
Musical Composition by Content Love Knowles
Presented by The VORTEX


This all-new performance brings theatre and ritual together as VORTEX Producing Artistic Director, Bonnie Cullum, teams up with 13 dynamic goddesses to create a brand new theatre ritual. In a magical ritual setting, these dark Goddesses explore the mysteries and stories of their cultures and their roles in the human psyche. Dark Goddess '06 seeks to support balance in the world by re-membering these goddesses, telling their stories, and seeking their wisdom.

Live original music, dance, and text blend to bring forth the essence of each goddess. Similar in genre, but entirely different in content than previous productions. VORTEX launched the initial production of Dark Goddess in January 2000 and created new productions in 2001, 2002, 2004. Over the years, thousands have flocked to The VORTEX to experience this unique event.


Lauren Alexander (MAEVE), Ro' Black (HEL), Andrea Dennison (Y'MOYA), Harvé Franks (ERZULIE), ileana herrin (HEKATE), Content Love Knowles (SANTISIMA MUERTE), Traci Laird (MA'AT), Betsy McCann (FREYA), Briana McKeague (ARIANRHOOD), Kimberley Mead (CHANGING WOMAN), Miriam Robinson Gould, Katrina Ellsworth, Michelle Flanagan (THE FURIES Electo, Tecisphone, Migera), and Kira Parra (live music).


Directed by Bonnie Cullum, Musical Direction and Composition by Content Love Knowles, Assistant Director: Heather Barfield. Scenic design by Ann Marie Gordon, Lighting design by Jason Amato, Costume design by Pam Fletcher Friday, Dramaturgy by Susan Estelle Kelso, Yoruban Choreography by Mara Vidal, Fight Choreography by Eric Schimel, Additional Choreography by Dawn E. Larned, Bonnie Cullum and ensemble, Poster Photo by Kenneth B. Gall. Production Photos by Tony Spielberg.


Winner of B. Iden Payne Award for
Outstanding Ensemble Performance THE FURIES (Michelle Flanagan, Katrina Ellsworth, Miriam Robinson Gould)
Austin Critics’ Table 2005 Award Nominations for
Scenic Design: Ann Marie Gordon
Lighting Design: Jason Amato