Photo by Kenny Gall.

Photo by Kenny Gall.


St. Enid and the Black Hand
Allegorical psalm by Molly Rice

Written by Molly Rice
Directed by Michelle K. Fowler.
Presented by The VORTEX


"You don't see it coming. Until it's here. In your house. In your hand. You don't know what it is until you open it. Be careful with that wish..."

St. Enid and the Black Hand, a magical, musical, allegorical psalm by Austin playwright, Molly Rice. Directed by VORTEX Associate Artistic Director, Michelle K. Fowler.

Discover: A matriarch from a nonexistent country, shuffling, grumbling and magic. A young girl cocooned and imprisoned in her upstairs bedroom, body budding into something more than human. A brother made of eternal childhood; a half-cardboard father with a personal laff-track. Enter a silent, sinister dinner guest--the half-simian talisman, the Black Hand. Watch as thick wishes turn into pure gold. Saint Enid and the Black Hand explores that darkly funny place where the twisted force of wishing meets the sacred power of blessing.

Inspired by the Tales from the Crypt comic book retelling of W.W. Jacobs, The Monkey's Paw, St. Enid and the Black Hand has received workshops and readings with VORTEX, Austin Script Works, Dallas' Kitchen Dog Theatre, and New York's Clubbed Thumb. Playwright Molly Rice is currently pursuing an MFA in playwrighting from Brown University.


Emily Fordyce, Andrea Skola, Todd Porter, Josh Meyer

Production TEAM

Scenic Design by Ann Marie Gordon. Lighting Design by Jason Amato. Costume Design by Ia Layadi. Chris Black and Chris Staefe bring Molly Rice's original musical score to life. Choreography by Ellen Bartel.