Lorella Loftus, Todd Porter. Photo by Kenny B. Gall.

Lorella Loftus, Todd Porter. Photo by Kenny B. Gall.


Phaedra's Love

By Sarah Kane
Presented by Renaissance Austin


Featuring both live theatre and film, this play is the ultimate psychological drama on the theme of "la femme". The Greek story of a stepmother's illicit passion for her indifferent stepson. Kane’s Royal Family comes unraveled as it tries to untangle the threads of its relationships. As the various members battle with their anxieties and dysfunctions, too much is revealed, thus inciting the wrath of their adoring public.


Lorella Loftus, Todd Porter, Erin Meyer, Michael DeMinico, William Rene, and Ruby Glaberman. Film Actors: John Lansch, Shawn May, Paula Gilbert, Gina Houston, Chris Sykes, Carl Gonzales, Cynthia Burton, Brandi Hughes and Ruby Glaberman

Production TEAM

Co-directed & designed by: Lorella Loftus & Todd Porter; Editor: April Melody; Director of Photography: Kenneth B. Gall