Rob Nash

Rob Nash


12 Steps to a More Dysfunctional Musical
Part 4 in the Dysfunctional Family Saga

Written and Performed by Rob Nash
Presented by the VORTEX


Due to the wildly successful re-mountings of the pre-quels 12 steps to a More Dysfunctional Christmas (Dec.2003) and 12 Steps to a More Dysfunctional Family (Jul.2002), and because Rob Nash listens to the people when they loudly declare: MORE SMITHS!!! VORTEX proudly presents the first new Dysfunctional play in 8 years!

“[Nash’s] skill at shifting among multiple characters is as impressive and delightful as ever, with his smoothly slipping from personality to personality with the mere slump of a shoulder or droop of a brow
— Robert Faires, Austin Chronicle

In 12 steps to a More Dysfunctional Musical… Mildred is haunted by Harvey, her late ex-husband’s ghost; Fred juggles anxiety and depression medications while teaching theatre camp, Windsong becomes a Muslim (Sufi) and changes her name again (this time to Leila); Margot becomes addicted to the euphoric effects of Ambien, Matt busts rhymes and gets into fights, and puberty has turned Ashley into a stunningly gorgeous bitch. And everyone performs a nifty little ditty!!!

Rob will also break the 6-character rule! We’ll finally get to see Windsong’s Moonbird, Ashley’s Rocco and Maddie, Matt’s Tank, Margot’s Sue and Jo Lynn, (Okay we did meet Fred’s Marcus already in the Holy Cross Sucks saga), and of course the ghost of Mildred’s dead Harvey.


Rob Nash joins forces with two Austin composers: Chad Salvata and Johnny Edson. Chad Salvata composes original music for his Ethos projects including cybernetic operas and installations, often produced at The VORTEX. His work has been nominated for dozens of awards, and he received the Austin Critics’ Table Award for Best Original Score for Pythia Dust and the B. Iden Payne Award for Best Sound Design for Machinal. Johnny Edson has created music for 4 original CD’s: A Man’s Gotta Eat, A Spread Misere, Hob Nobbin’ with the Hoipoloi, and his self-titled, Johnny Edson.

VORTEX Repertory Company presented the original world premieres of all six installments of The Holy Cross Sucks Quadrilogy (Freshman Year Sucks! Sophomore Slump, Junior Blues and Senioritis, Holy Cross Does Romeo and Juliet and Norman Normal Saves the World) as well as the first and second incarnations of the combined opus, Holy Cross Sucks! And while VORTEX has hosted all three original Dysfunctional Family plays (…You, … Christmas and …Family) this will be the first Smith play world premiering at VORTEX. Rob Nash received B. Iden Payne Awards for Outstanding Original Script for Sophomore Slump and Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy for Holy Cross does Romeo and Juliet, as well as a special Austin Critics’ Table “Valedictorian Award” for Holy Cross Sucks!

Not standup, not monologue, not performance art, Nash describes his work as "serial ensemble theatre performed solo." His previous works include 12 Steps To A More Dysfunctional You, 12 Steps To A More Dysfunctional Christmas and 12 Steps To A More Dysfunctional Family, which have enjoyed sold out houses and critically acclaimed runs across the country. Nash has also been seen on VH1 "Stand-up Spotlight with Rosie O'Donnell" and Comedy Central's "Out There in Hollywood."

Rob is also an alumnus of Esther’s Follies, The Laff Staff, The Cheese Pistols, The Capitol City Comedy Club and an OV (Original Velveeta Room Regular). You can keep up with Rob at his website