Rob Nash Does Romeo and Juliet

Written and Performed by Rob Nash
Presented by The VORTEX

For his 9th solo theatre piece (all of which have played The VORTEX, and six of which have received world premieres at The VORTEX), Rob collaborates for the first time with a playwright who¹s been dead for 500 years. Rob Nash combines the Classic Shakespearean Tragedy with Ben, George, Johnny’s backstage shenanigans to concoct a hilarious Onstage/Backstage romp. Johnny/Romeo and Maria/Juliet have broken up (again) and must portray two star-crossed lovers onstage while making each other jealous backstage. Ben/Mercutio affects a lame English accent onstage while keeping Chad Evans a bay backstage. George/Benvolio must keep Verona streets peaceful onstage while keeping his dad sober and Julie Rose¹s hands to herself backstage.

Will Chad/Tybalt and Norman Normal/Apothecary bond? Will Jenny/Nurse try and move in on Johnny? And how will Mr. Smith (director) and Marcus (stage manager) keep the comedy backstage and the tragedy onstage?